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Your charms come together beautifully to tell your unique story.

Your charms come together beautifully to tell your unique story.
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  • Silver and gold rose openwork charm
    A$49.95 A$112.00
  • Story of a Flower
    A$42.95 A$90.00
  • Flowery Clips
    A$28.95 A$90.00
    Top Seller
    sold out
  • Pink Petals
    A$30.95 A$90.00
  • Your Lucky Flower
    A$36.95 A$90.00
    sold out
  • Flower Power
    A$36.95 A$90.00
  • Lock your Luck
    A$40.95 A$90.00
  • Flower Bead
    A$38.95 A$90.00
  • Pretty as pink
    A$35.95 A$64.00
  • Sparking love
    A$31.95 A$56.00
  • Twin carnations
    A$36.95 A$65.00
  • The mighty carnation
    A$28.95 A$51.00
  • The lost carnation
    A$28.95 A$51.00
  • Pinky rose
    A$40.95 A$73.00
  • The precious love
    A$49.95 A$88.00
  • Lucky Flower Bond
    A$34.95 A$90.00
  • Crystal Leaf Pendant
    A$53.95 A$95.00
  • Pink enamel flower bouquet charm
    A$17.99 A$103.00
  • Multicolor Crystal flower hoop charm
    A$34.99 A$198.00
  • Silver and gold bud openwork large charm
    A$51.95 A$99.00
  • Rose Gold Lotus Charm
    A$54.95 A$116.00
  • Silver Flower Bouquet Charm
    A$13.99 A$61.00
  • Rose Gold Flower Bouquet Charm
    A$31.95 A$68.00
  • Sakura Delicate Charm
    A$30.95 A$68.00
  • Rose Story - Silver
    A$27.95 A$61.00
  • Rose Story - Gold
    A$13.99 A$68.00
  • Pure Rose Wreath Charm
    A$30.95 A$82.00
  • Pine Nuts Openwork Charms
    A$35.95 A$65.00
  • Purple Grape Charm
    A$38.95 A$68.00
    sold out
  • Pink flower bouquet
    A$40.95 A$73.00
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